Brick Perimeter Fence Services For Scottsdale, Arizona, And Surrounding Areas

Brick Perimeter Fence Services For Scottsdale, Arizona, And Surrounding Areas

Scottsdale Masonry has been proudly serving clients with expert masonry construction services for several years. We provide excellent customer service with a team of masons who have received extensive training in Brick Perimeter fencing. Around the area, we have become known for our customer service, attention to detail, and the competitive prices we offer. A call to Scottsdale Masonry today will ensure your residential or commercial construction project goes according to schedule. Upon receiving your request, we will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate for your proposed project.

A brick perimeter fence’s structural integrity can be compromised rapidly in the Scottsdale area as a result of the shifting and expansive soils in the area. In order to maintain the perimeter fence and structures of your community, we have developed the most cost-effective and reliable solution. We stand behind our work by conducting annual inspections of each panel. All maintenance plans include a complimentary replacement panel on an annual basis. We’ve found that an automobile accident damages a perimeter panel at some point every year. The first step is for us to assess the fence from the whole perimeter.

How We Can Help!

As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded masonry contractor, we serve the Scottsdale, Arizona region. There are many services we provide, which include:

  • New Fence Installation
  • Existing Fence Repairs
  • And More Brick Perimeter Fence Services!

We provide a wide variety of perimeter fence services at Scottsdale Masonry. We have provided construction services in the Scottsdale area for many years and have established ourselves as a leading masonry company in Scottsdale, Arizona, and its surrounding areas. We can provide you with a free quote on any of our services if you need a brick perimeter fence.

New Fence Installation

Installing a brick fence in the residence or on the commercial property can add a stylish element to the home or business which is otherwise lacking. Brick fencing can also be used in conjunction with other fence materials such as wrought iron, wood, or stone to provide an array of beautifully designed and striking fencing designs.

Existing Fence Repairs

When it comes to leaning fences, they eventually lean to the point of collapse as they shift and settle over time. Apart from the obvious damage to property, there is also a severe liability problem for property owners caused by such a collapse. A leaning fence could only be fixed by tearing it down and rebuilding it – which can be tough and expensive on even a small job. Here at Scottsdale Masonry, we supply and install a patented system that leads to leaning fences being restored without having to rebuild – saving you time and money! Due to the fact that there is no reconstruction, the appearance of the historic structure remains the same.

Get Your Free Estimate Today!

We offer free service quotes for all of our brick perimeter fence services at Scottsdale Masonry. The contractors from our company will come to your property to discuss brick perimeter fence options with you. Please feel free to contact us or call us at (623) 335-0141 if you have any questions about our repair and restoration services.